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Friday, August 04, 2006

Notes on the Church and the Holocaust.

Just some notes I don't want to lose regarding this subject. Comments are always welcome:

In July 1943, Mussolini was removed from power. In September, Germany occupied Italy and began deporting Jews to Auschwitz. THere were 45 days between Italy's announcement of armistice and Germany's occupation of Italy. During that time, many thought the repressive anti-Jewish laws that Mussolini had instituted would be revoked. During this time Father Tacchi Venturi met with the new Italian minister of the interior to propopse changes in the laws to benefit Jewish converts to Catholicism.

In his report of the meeting to Cardinal Magilone, Venturi explained that he had not "alluded in any way to the total abrogation of laws which, according to the principles and tradition of the Catholic Church, have some dispositions that should be abrogated but contain others worthy of confirmation."

This statement was made after millions of Jews had already been murdered in Poland and in the Soviet Union, a fact that the Vatican was aware of. Yet somehow, they still approved the denial of full civil rights to Jews and their legal seperation from Christians. See ADSS, IX, doc. 317, Tacchi Venturi to Maglione, 8/29/43, 458-59.


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