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Saturday, August 19, 2006

7 Rabbinic Commandments not found in Torah

Seven Rabbinic Commandments ordained by the Rabbis and not Torah:

1. Benediction, or thanksgiving for each enjoyment (Ber. 35a)

2. The ablution of the hands before eating (Ed. V, 6).

3. Lighting of the Sabbath lamp (Shab. 20b).

4. The Erub, i.e. an expedient for permitting a wider interpertation of the Sabbath laws concerned with limitations of movement of persons and transfer of objectss (Er. 21b)

5. Hallel servics (Ps. CXIII-CXVIII) on festival days (Ber. 14a; Pes. 117a);

6. Kindling of the Chanukah lights (Shab. 23a);

7. Reading of the Scroll of Esther on the Feast of Purim (Meg. 7a).


Blogger mojoala said...

Akin to the power to Bind and Loose as the Catholics proclaim?

8:37 AM, April 04, 2007


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