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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Notes and Thoughts on "A Lonely Man of Faith" Part 1

Solovetchik (sp?) in his book, Lonley Man of Faith, describes two "Adams". Adam 1 and Adam 2. Essentially, he states that there are two creation stories, each one focusing on a different aspect of man.

*Adam 1. We are created in God's image. Our likness to God is expressed in our strving and ability to become a creator. Speech is what allows us to develop a relationship with the Creator.
Question: Do we create out of an innate desire to become closer to God? Is the desire for God the creative force which drives the world? If so, then the creative process itself is a link to the Divine.

*If longing for God is the source of creative energy, then what is responsible for destructive energy?

Did the prophets, filled with the deisre to be near God, use speech as a creative tool? As a means of "speaking" new worlds into existence? We know that words can change the world. Look at Ghandi or Mandela, for example. M.L.K.. In effect words change our reality/world all the time. Perhaps this is what Solovetchik means when he discusses the the ability of the righteous person to create worlds. That speaking the Truth of God actually changes the world, or even creates a new world, for both the prophet (the speaker) and those who hear:
a. The prophet creates the world [Self-enrollment];
b. He then enrolls the people/audience in his new world;
c. He brings the world into being through speech.
Such an act of creation is done in partnership with God.


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