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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Appearances Are Everything

To truly repair the world, it is imperative that each of us enroll others to the possibility that they can actually repair the world. To do so would have a greater effect that the most charitable act.

Each charitable act and good deed can enroll others into the possibilty of taking action to repair the world.

To pursue a relationship with God in a truly meaningful way, it is perhaps necessary to first understand that you are not doing so primarily for your own benefit, but for the benefit of others. It is impossible to approach God with an open heart -- to experience radical amazement -- and not have it alter how you view your neighbor or yourself. I believe this is the primary purpose of dwelling on God: To see the divine revealed in your neighbor. From that point, it is inevitable that one finds God in themselves.

To put it another way, you open yourself to God (you reveal yourself to Him) so that others can see, through your actions, the stamp of God on your life. By doing this you give others the opportunity to open their own hearts to the Divine and, by their actions, they will reveal to you the Divine in each of them. This will have the effect of "reenergizing" and inspiring you to pursue your relationship with God. A true circle of faith.


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