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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Broken vessels

Recalling the midrash (Kabbalah?) where God withdrew his glory from the world into vessels, to make room for humans. And the vessels break scattering sparks of His holiness throughout the universe. Our job being to gather all the sparks by doing the mitzvahs.

My question is, what happens when we successfully gather all the sparks? Wouldn't we have the same problem that originally resulted in their being scattered? What vessels will we have that can hold all the sparks?

It is like when we stand at Sinai in the presence of God. We are not meant to stay there. We can't stay there. Maybe we can't stay in paradise either.


Blogger Brooklyn Habiru said...

Why the Bahai Gardens in Haifa (makes you think of ‘paradise?)? Is its overall design reminiscent of Adam Kadmon to you ? If not what is the relation to the topic? Anyway the Kabbalah of the holy ARI - Rav Yitzchak Luria is very complicated and not literal in any sense (check out the Hakdama to any sefer in Kabbalah). You seem to be referring to the Sheviras HaKeilim before Bereishis - which from my limited perspective is what enables us free will and thus the potential for evil. Once all the Takkanos are accomplished we will all have been redeemed and likely not even be corporeal entities post Techiyas HaMeisim. Howbout we leave the cosmology behind and focus on the more concrete theological issues... focusing on the Torah, Neviim, Ketuvim, Mishnah, Gemara, Rishonim, Achronim, etc. I think we will have enough to grasp with that - maybe once those texts are mastered we can start learning the Zohar from Luria’s perspective. Then again Madonna’s doing it - that must mean its ok! hehe...

11:59 AM, March 02, 2006

Blogger Valke said...

Friend sent me the picture so I figured I'd use it. No relation to the topic, as far as I know.

10:39 AM, March 03, 2006


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