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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Halacha & Aggadah

Halacha are the parts of Torah that are legal in nature. Aggadah are the parts that are narrative in nature. i.e., biography, theology, exhortation and folklore.
"Not a day passes that Hashem does not innovate some halakhah in the heavenly court. (Genesis Rabbah 49:2).

Halacha = power and might. Aggadah = grace and love. "Whoever possesses knowledge of midrash but not of Halakah has not tasted the flavor of wisdom; whoever possesses knowledgeof Halakhah but not of midrash has not tasted the flavor of fear of sin."

Halacha is the body of Torah. All songs, poetry, philosophy and theology are indebted to Halakhah for their endurance. Aggadah is like a flame who’s existence depends on the glowing coals of Halakhah


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